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The Opal Rotary Controller is now discontinued.

Due to a change of job, I just don't have time to comfortably build the Opal any longer.

I will keep this page here for historical reference.

I originally just made one for myself and ended up making 90 more, so a big thank you to everyone who purchased one!

All applicable warranties are, of course, still valid for their effective duration.

Ever since Jeff Minter snuck the rotary code into Tempest 2000, people have been wanting rotary controllers for their Jags.

The speed and precision of movement that they offer is far superior to what can be attained with a digital pad. It has to be tried to be believed.

Tempest is no longer alone. There is an ever increasing number of homebrew games for the Jag which support rotary input.

The current list of supported games is:


  • Tempest 2000 (instructions at the bottom)

  • Arkanoid

  • Impulse X

  • Kaboom

  • Kobayashi Maru

  • Project W

  • Rebooteroids

  • Virtual Experience's Pong

Take a look on AtariAge for more info on homebrew releases.

The Opal is the result of weeks of trial and error, multiple revisions, physical injuries and extensive testing.

This was a labour of love, as the jag has been a favourite of mine for many years.

I initially only intended to make one controller for myself, but thought others might like to own a 'different' rotary controller as well.

£100 all in.

That price includes a brand new Opal controller, a custom drawstring bag to keep it clean and tidy when not in use, and the price also includes global express air mail with tracking and insurance (or Royal Mail special delivery for UK customers).

Happy rotating!