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PCEWorks make incredible reproductions of some of the best CD based PCE titles.

Their attention to detail is second-to-none and their discs are high quality factory pressed (no blue CDRs thank you!)


I have many of their repros and have been thoroughly impressed with every one.

Great flash carts for most old consoles from KRIKzz.

Because who really wants to remortgage their house to play Magical Chase?

Various Gameboy-centric chiptune hardware as well as the epic YM2017 Megadrive/Genesis album cartridge! (Once these are gone, that's it! So don't miss out!)

Where the spirit of Atari lives on!

(the real Atari, not the horrid current one...)

Awesome flapjack made by my Sister.

5 star food hygiene rating, loads of choices, all good.

Who wants to play 25 year old games on an empty stomach?

(UK Only)