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It sucks when the batteries in your old cartridges die.

It also sucks knowing that they might die soon.

Both of these situations can be resolved here.

Here I offer a full refurbishment service for any cartridge (of any region) with an internal battery:

  • Mega Drive / Genesis

  • Master System

  • Game Gear

  • Nintendo 64

  • Super Nintendo / Super Famicom

  • NES / Famicom

  • Gameboy Advance

  • Gameboy Color

  • Gameboy

What the service includes:

  • Brand new, high quality battery (usually Panasonic or Varta) soldered in

  • Cartridge shell cleaned inside and out

  • Board cleaned and inspected

  • Edge connector thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl and treated with DeOxit contact enhancer

  • Alkali denaturing and cleaning of any old battery leaks. Traces repaired and re-lacquered if needed

  • Cartridge fully tested before and after refurbishment

  • Any existing save data will be retained*

*If you're using this service as a preemptive measure and you want to keep your save data, that's no problem.

I directly feed the SRAM chip with an external power source while I change the battery:

1. Japanese Mega Drive

These cartridges have a rear label that covers the screws.

The label is paper and is almost impossible to remove intact. Believe me I've tried.

For these carts I will cut 2 neat little holes with a scalpel to expose the screws:

2. Famicom

These cartridges are a bitch.

They're not held together with screws at all, they use strong clips.

Due to the plastic being approximately 30 years old and a bit brittle, they are very difficult to open without breaking at least one clip:

Obviously I will try my best not to snap any clips, but if one does snap, I will use a blob of hot glue on the inside to hold the cartridge together.

It will be solid and will look exactly the same as before on the outside.


Before you do anything!

Ensure that the game(s) you are about to send actually use battery backed SRAM.

All NES/SNES games that have a cartridge save system use a battery.

Not all megadrive games do (Sonic 3 and Megaman Wily Wars use flash based memory for instance, as do a lot of GBA games).

If you are unsure if your game contains a battery, ask me first.

Email link is at the bottom of the page.

It costs £10 per cartridge for the refurbishment service.

If you are sending me 3 cartridges, you must purchase 3 services and so on.

Please enter the platforms and names of the games you are sending in the box provided on the order page.

Also, include a note in the package with your name and address.

Once your order is placed, you will receive the address to post your cartridges to on the confirmation screen and in your order acknowledgement email.

The price does NOT include return postage.

Once I have finished working on your cartridges, I will package them securely and weigh the package. I will then email you with postage/insurance options and prices for you to choose.

I use Royal Mail.

UK customers will have a choice of:

  • Second Class Signed For

  • First Class Signed For

  • Special Delivery

  • Special Delivery Next Day

Please do not send me any broken cartridges.

This is a refurbishment service, not a repair service.

If your game doesn't load, displays a black or scrambled screen or crashes etc. I'm afraid I can't help you.

I will typically work on your cartridges the same day I receive them and post them back the next working day.

International refurbishment

International customers are always welcome.

It is up to you how you decide to ship and insure your cartridges, however please bear in mind that if I get charged import tax, this will be added to your return postage cost.

I will email you a photograph of the import tax invoice.

Click here for information about UK import duty.

I will always use 'Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed' for returning international customer's cartridges.

I will ask you what insurance you want to apply to the package before the final shipping quote.