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TennoKoe Bank © 1991 Hudson Soft

The TennoKoe Bank is a memory backup device made by Hudson in 1991 for the PC Engine range of games consoles from NEC.

The TennoKoe Bank is still the only viable method of backing up saves and effectively expanding system save capacity for these consoles.

There is no modern equivalent.

It's powered by an internal battery and was not designed to be user serviceable.

Given that these devices are now over 25 years old, they are starting to fail as their internal batteries die.

Changing the battery in these devices is difficult to do without making a mess of the card, so not many people have attempted it. It's far more awkward than changing the battery in a cartridge for instance.

I spent some time perfecting my methods and can now do a full refurbishment on a card in about an hour, with no damage to the casing and no unsightly gaps in the cover.

I made this site to give people the option of getting a TennoKoe Bank that they don't have to worry about for a long time.

Here, you can send your TennoKoe Bank to be refurbished or buy a ready refurbished card:

  • Battery replaced

  • Adhesive gasket replaced

  • Fully cleaned

  • Contacts treated

  • Thoroughly tested

  • New outer jewel case

Your existing save data can be retained during refurbishment.

With care, refurbished cards should last another 20+ years.